Saturday, 27 September 2014


Autumn is always a bitter sweet time of year for me. I love the change of the season - crispy leaves that crunch when you walk, Autumn colours, cosy knits and last but not least, Autumn makeup. However, I don't deal with temperatures below 20 degrees very well (as I write this, it's 18 degrees and i'm wearing Uggs and am snuggled up with a hot water bottle). I suffer from bad blood circulation which means my lips tend to go a purply/blue colour the second the temperature drops and I am ALWAYS cold- attractive, right? 

This does mean I have the perfect excuse to wear deep reds, bright reds and deep plum colours on my lips. I mean, if my lips are going to be purple I may as well make it look intentional. Above are some of my choices for Autumn lipsticks that will become staples in my every day make up bag. From left to right we have 1. Rimmel - Moisture Renew - Dark Night Waterl-oops! (380) 2. Rimmel - Starry Eyed (128) 3. Clinique - Peach Pop (11)  4. Revlon Colorbust - Soft Rose (040)  5. Helen E - Dusk  6. Yves Rocher - Framboise (101).

As you can see from the swatches, the lipsticks come out slightly lighter when applied to what they look like in the tube. I like to use the lighter peach/ red toned lipsticks during early Autumn (i.e when i'm still clinging onto summer) and the purple toned/ deeper reds from around mid October onwards. 
Out of the six lipsticks, I'd say the Rimmel Moisture Renew, Helen E and Yves Rocher (this one in particular smells like lipsticks my mum and gran used to wear when I was little) lipsticks are the creamiest and least drying on the lips, however I would recommend using a little bit of lip balm with the other three to stop your lips from feeling a little dry. All the colours are really pigmented and last quite well when you're eating and drinking - an absolute must for me as I hate having to re-apply. 

What are your favourite Autumn lipsticks?

Natalie x

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