Saturday, 18 October 2014


Having gone freelance back in July, I've learnt that I really have to watch what I do with my money and where it goes. Which is why i've decided to set myself a beauty challenge - I own countless amounts of beauty products, some that I bought when I worked two doors down from Space NK (dangerous, I know) and some left over when I was subscribed to Glossy Box. 

A fellow freelancer mentioned a really good thing to me, she told me that whenever I think of buying a new beauty product that I don't really need, to think of moving house. Now, i've moved house recently and threw tonnes out and I certainly don't want to have to go through that awful process again. One word: nightmare. 

So for the next couple of months (and potentially more...lets say until New Year) i'm not allowed to buy any beauty products for the sake of it. No more face masks - I think 5 is enough. No more night creams (I have one massive pot, that'll take me a year to get through). No more cleansers (I have 2 full sized and one mini), i'm sure you get the idea. I want to get through every product I own as there's no point in it just sitting in my drawer collecting dust - it also means plenty of beauty reviews for you guys to read and a happy bank account (as well as less stomping around in a huff when it comes to moving house again). 

So this moves me onto my next point: WANTFEED. I've just signed up to this site - let me just say, I think it's a brilliant idea. For those who haven't heard of it, it's like an online wish list. You see something you like, you save it to Wantfeed and share it with your family, friends and public. I will be using it as a 'window shopping tool'. I'll be posting any beauty products (clothes and lifestyle too) that I really really want and once i've finished a product...say I finish all 5 face masks, I'll go to my Wantfeed and pick a face mask that I'm allowed to buy. This will stop products slipping through the net too...I have so many blog posts saved on Bloglovin' with new products I want to try but it takes forever to scroll through each post when trying to remember what that product was! It'll also make life easier for family and friends if they ever struggle with what to buy me *wink wink*...just kidding...kind of. I think this method will get me excited about new products and will also be some kind of motivation!

For those of you who want to keep track of my Wantfeed my profile name is @nataliecaroline ... watch that space it'll be packed out with products soon enough...

Natalie x

**image sourced from Instagram, @model4greenliving. 

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