Wednesday, 29 October 2014


So after my last cleansing conditioner post last month, I have found a new love! Having finished all 3 cleansing conditioners and about to re-purchase the Macadamia one, my cousin mentioned a brand to me that i'd never heard of before...Label M. 

Now as much as I love cleansing conditioners having to spend between £15 - £20 every 3 to 4 weeks was getting a bit tiresome and I was starting to wonder whether I could just use normal conditioner to wash my hair. Yes, I have heard the 'you're not meant to put conditioner in your roots' hair rule, but rules are there to be broken and I don't really see much of a difference in the ingredient list of cleansing conditioners and normal ones (correct me if I'm wrong). I figured that because my hair is used to being washed with conditioner anyway, I wanted to try washing it with a standard wash out conditioner...enter: Label M Honey & Oat Conditioner. 

After hearing great things about the brand from my cousin as well as excellent reviews on this particular conditioner and the fact that apparently Tony and Guy use this in their Salons, I went ahead and bought a 1000 ml bottle of it for £14.95 (RRP £30) here. If you ask me, thats excellent value for money - half price on a massive bottle of conditioner that'll last me AGES (bearing in mind I was paying slightly more for 250ml bottles of cleansing conditioner).

If you read my last post you'll know what my hair is like - long, curly, frizzy and difficult to tame. This conditioner has Honey, Oat, Sea Algae and Sea Cabbage extracts to re moisturise hair and battle that pesky frizz! Additionally, it has an Enviroshield complex that protects the hair from heat and UV damage. I love this conditioner, it's so light weight I've used it to wash my hair a couple of times now and by the second day there's not really any sign of grease whilst my hair feels soft, moisturised and smells like Christmas. That seriously makes me far too happy AND the smell lasts to the next wash and is not in anyway overpowering. I was starting to think my hair needed a trim as the ends were starting to feel a bit crispy after my recent trip to Madeira, but this conditioner has re-moisturised them and they feel nourished again so no trim for me....woooohoooo!

Over all i'm really impressed with this product and i'm glad it will last me longer than 3 weeks! Have you tried any Label M products? Are there anymore things from the range I should try?

Natalie x

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