Thursday, 30 October 2014


Yet another hair post for you...aren't you pleased?! This one however, is about hair dye. In my 24 years of life I've dabbled with hair dye probably about 3 times, only once out of those 3 times did I get it right colour wise. The rest of the times i've ever coloured my hair it was with Henna - usually bought from Lush to add a bit of shine to my natural hair colour.

Last year I started noticing a couple of greys coming through, at the time I was 23 and absolutely horrified that grey hairs would have the audacity to even show themselves, so I pelted it down to my nearest boots and bought a hair dye that I thought was close to my natural colour. Wrong. It was lighter which means when it started to grow out, not only was I sporting the ombre look (which i've never been a fan of...sorry) but it didn't cover the greys. Fast forward 10 months down the line, an incredibly stressful year and 2 greys have turned into approximately 30, all on the top of my head. How do I know it's approximately 30? My mother took immense pleasure in counting them and then my father decided it would also be amusing to point them out the other day in the car.

This was my colour before:

So I decided to dye my hair again, and this time I got it right! I decided to go for the new L'oreal Prodigy dye in Sepia Natural Dark Brown. My aim here was to get my hair all one colour again, but also when it fades slightly I don't want the lighter ends to resurface - hence going for such a dark shade, it'll also pretty much match my natural colour after a couple of washes. What initially drew me to this dye in particular was that it promised 100% grey coverage - and I can confirm that yes it did cover all my greys (which i've learnt usually don't take to colour very well) but also the fact that this hair dye has no ammonia and is packed with hair oils - i'm talkin' Mineral Oil, Rapeseed Extract, Argan Oil, Safflower Seed Oil and Argan Kernel Oil.

This dye is spectacular - not only is the colour pay off incredible, my hair feels soft and nourished (it also doesn't feel like its been coated in dye, I really do hate that after hair dye feeling with some dyes), it's covered the greys and it smells lovely. It was really easy to mix together and the creamy consistency made me feel like I was putting on a hair treatment rather than dye. I'm hoping the colour pay off lasts, as I don't intend to dye my hair on a monthly basis and i'm yet to wash it. But considering I only wash my hair with conditioner i'm hoping this will help prolong the colour. I will update you guys after a few washes on my thoughts.

Overall i'm really impressed with this dye and a big thanks to Niomi Smart and her youtube vlog on her L'oreal Prodigy experience, it really helped me make my decision!

Natalie x