Monday, 10 November 2014


I'll admit, i'm terrible at cleaning my brushes and don't do it as often as I should. But i've recently discovered a multi use liquid soap that may just change that - there's a whole bunch of brush cleaners out on the market but I always feel that my brushes aren't left squeaky clean, I liked them stripped of all product and germs without any oily brush cleaning residue left (i'm pretty sure the last part of that sentence made no sense).  Say hello to Dr Bronners Magic Soap. 

Just look at those filthy brushes! Sorry, bit minging, I know. 

I know this product has been raved about on many a beauty blog, but personally I find it a little bit too drying for the skin (although, you can get the baby mild version for young and sensitive skin). However, it really does the trick with brushes - an organic product that uses fair-trade ingredients it cleans brushes wonderfully and quickly, stripping them of product without actually damaging the brush. You're left with squeaky clean, nice smelling brushes that feel as good as new. 
They have a range of scents ranging from Lavender - which is the one I have, to Almond, Rose and Peppermint. You can buy some of the range at Urban Outfitters or Oliver Bonas or the full range on the Dr. Bronner website here.

Natalie x


  1. Brill post, someone just done a Blog post on using simple bar of soap to clean brushes that's gentle on the skin . xox

  2. Thank you!! I just think my skin doesn't like soap based products it dries out instantly, but I think soap based products are the best for cleaning brushes :) xx