Monday, 24 November 2014


Today, I thought i'd talk about my love for dance, fitness and aerial. I have danced from a very young age and have extensive ballet training. Due to an injury at the age of 10, I would never be able to dance ballet professionally but kept it up as a hobby and always loved it - that feeling of being on pointe moving fluidly to music, I would just lose myself in this amazing world of dance  where i'd forget about the outside world and all my problems. Unfortunately, due a particularly evil manager and their lack of health and safety knowledge, an old knee injury was made 10 times worse earlier this year therefore meaning I will never be able to return to ballet - even as a hobby. Sure, I train at home occasionally but am unable to spend more than half an hour on pointe without my knees giving in. 

Back in March (pre knee injury re-surfacing) I started Aerial Silk, its something i've always wanted to try and was fascinated with but I was focusing on ballet and dance so much at the time I wasn't able to try it. I had the opportunity to try it in March and despite being told it may not be the best thing for me (I also have hyper mobile hips, shoulders and ankles which means I can dislocate parts of my body and pop them back in easily) I went ahead and did it...and I haven't looked back since. 

Aerial Silks allows me to use my ballet training and translate it all into the silks - whilst up in the air, it also means I've been able to progress really quickly. It takes a lot of upper body strength and core strength, but luckily it's not as taxing on the knees and ankles as ballet. Sure, I need to use my knees and ankles - you can see that I have foot locks and wraps on my legs, but I would say most of it is core based and I haven't had any issues with my knees post knee injury resurfacing whilst on the silks. If anything, it's my hips and shoulders that have taken the brunt - my hip has actually popped out mid air once and I have to be careful to not hang out of my shoulders. 

There's something incredibly liberating about hanging in the air, in amazing positions (my favourite ones are the ones where I can show off the flexibility in my back) without a harness of any kind and basically dancing in the air. When you are up on the silks, you can't think about anything else - you are forced to focus on what you're doing, because it is a dangerous sport. You're not strapped into anything, so when you're a few meters up in the air you need to have your wits about you, one wrong move and things could go very wrong. I can't even begin to explain how much silk aerial relaxes me, I'll go into class or practice with a million things on my mind and leave after a couple of hours not knowing what was bothering me so much before. 

Unlike ballet, you can perform in aerial at later stages in life - and my aim is to eventually perform professionally. For the time being i'm just training in silks (although I have been on the static trapeze a couple of times) but eventually I would like to also train in hoop. Silks is the hardest out of all three, so really it'll be a case of translating that training into a different piece of aerial equipment. Don't get me wrong, I still have A LOT to learn on the silks and there's a long way to go before i'll ever be able to perform professionally, but one day I WILL get there! 

These are just a few images (I have soooo many) of my training. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this epic essay and that it also inspires you to try something new! If you like i'll occasionally update you on my silk aerial journey and training. 

Natalie x


  1. omg love this.
    the pictures are amazing once you've trained you should post a video of your act. I have always been amazed by these acts at circuses I always thought it would be so difficult knowing where and how to change the silk for each move. xox

    1. Yeah i've got lots of videos, but I think i'll have to put them up on youtube to be able to post them up on the blog and I don't really want them up on youtube! It can be a little confusing especially when you're upside down, but you get used to it! xx

  2. Supercute pictures, i wish could do that ;)

    1. Thank you :) aah you should give it a go, you never know! x

  3. Wow interesting fun.