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This post is going to be quite a small favourites this month, partially due to my spending ban but also there weren't a lot of products I fell in love with! There will be 3 empty items in there which I have loved throughout using them and will definitely be re-purchases eventually and a couple of products i've re-discovered. So without further ado, here are my October favourites!

Cowshed Cow Herb Restoring Hand Cream - I discovered this on a contract, the company I was working for had this in their bathrooms and I fell in love with it. It's incredibly moisturising and soothing - really softening hands and working on the cuticles. The scent is quite a strong Lavender and Eucalyptus scent which works perfectly for me as they're two of my favourite smells! I keep this on my bedside table and use it when I feel my hands need a little bit of's also organic which is great.

Lee Stafford Argan Oil Moisture Injection Dry Conditioner - This stuff is great, although a little goes a long way. I like to use this when my hair feels a little bit parched and lack lustre, it adds shine and moisture and has an amazing smell that lingers in the hair - it's also good for smoothing down the tiny baby hairs at the top of my head, but when I say a little goes a long way I mean it as you could end up with a grease ball on your head if you get a bit too spray happy! 

BB Hairdressers Invisible Oil Heat/ UV Protective Primer - As you can see from my bottle, i've got a teeny tiny amount of this stuff left. Let me just say, I love Bumble and Bumble hair products..they have never failed me and although it may seem pricey at first but the products last ages! This bottle lasted me 4 months and I used it every day. It's great on both wet and dry hair and although I don't use heat on my hair, it was great for keeping it sleek and healthy during the summer months. This is definitely going to be a re-purchase. 

Ziaja Krem Nagietkowy (Marigold Cream) - Now this isn't your standard beauty product that you can just pop down to Boots you can probably tell by the name its foreign, Polish to be exact. Although I was born in London, I come from a Polish background and have grown up around Polish products and to be honest you can't beat Polish skin care. This cream is a very thick heavy duty multipurpose cream - when I say multi purpose, it's meant to be for the face however my family have been using this through many a generation to treat many ailments. I'm currently using it as a day cream and a night cream and my skin adores it. It's a very heavy cream, so if you decide to use it as a day cream use the teeny tiniest amount otherwise your face will look like a massive sweat ball. It's a great cream for hydrating and evening out skin tone and although I have combination skin, it drinks this stuff up and it also acts as a great primer, my makeup always sits beautifully on top of this. At night I like to slather it on and by the morning I have fresh glowing skin, it smells like a dream but if you are sensitive to smells you can get an unscented version of this. You can buy this in England at any decent sized Polish shop! 

Antipodes Vanilla Pod Face Cream - Excuse the absolutely battered pot, this one is actually an empty! It's very unlikely that I ever finish a face cream before buying a new one...but not with this stuff. It's an absolute dream. I may have a slight love affair with Antipodes products, they really work wonders on the skin. I finished this pot towards the end of October and was genuinely sad (partially because i'm not allowed to buy a new one until the above one finishes) but also because it was the only other face cream that worked wonders on my skin. Again, it's not the lightest of creams but t just worked for me, it sinks in really quickly, leaves no nasty residue and left my skin feeling soon hydrated and soft. Whilst using this, I received so many compliments on my skin it was unreal...that's how I know it was doing its job. 

Ciate nail varnish in Fade To Greige - Anybody who knows me, knows I love nude, grey and pastel nail varnishes. I re-discovered this colour in October and I think it's the perfect autumnal colour - a dusty purple. I've worn it a lot on my nails in the past month, it's a great transitional colour as I can't quite get over the fact that summer is over *sob*. Additionally, the quality of Ciate nail varnishes is incredible as they last a decent amount of time and the colours are to die for! Okay, it's not the cheapest of nail varnishes out there (I think it comes in at around £9) but one of my pet hates is nail varnish that chips the next day (I'm looking at you Essie). How do I know this stuff is really good? Well, I do a lot of silk aerial which means my hands and nails get battered regularly....a week later and it's still going strong whoop! 

Organic Rosehip Oil - A rediscovery in October thanks to my cousin. I loved this last month, it was a perfect night oil that replenished my skin and evened out my skin tone. I took this away on holiday with me and it did the trick in keeping my skin nourished. 

BB Hairdressers Invisible Oil - First off this is my HG hair oil. Yes it's £33 but it lasted me a whopping 5 months with daily use (by daily I mean at least up to 5 pumps a day). This stuff is incredible and as you can see it's just finished!! A definite re-purchase as it's well worth the money, I've been able to grow my  hair considerably longer since using this as my ends are soooo much healthier and no longer break as easily. This hair oil is an absolute god send! 

Bare Minerals Deep Cleansing Foam - This is one I use with my Clarisonic Aria and the two go hand in hand perfectly...two peas in a pod if I say so myself. I use this both day and night and really loved using this in October when make up coverage gets that little bit heavier, whether you use this with a Clarisonic or just on it's own, it does an excellent job of stripping away make up, grime and dirt from the skin. It can be a little bit drying to I'd recommend a good moisturiser but it does make my face feel squeaky clean, perfect after a long day!! 

Palmers Cocoa Firming Butter - An all round excellent body cream. Smells like a dream and my skin feels great after using this...I haven't noticed my skin firming up but I've only been using this for about a month and I assume these things work long term rather than short term. It's done a good job of pro longing my tan as well!

Bare Minerals Bronzer - If you read my last post, you'll know that i've ditched the blush and aside from mineral foundation, this is all I use on my face. Love love LOVE this bronzer, you can read all about it in my post here.

That's it for this month - as you can see these have all been beauty favourites but hopefully November will bring a bit more of a mixture :)

What have been your favourites last month?

Natalie x

P.S Apologies for the inconsistency in the colouring of some of the links...unfortunately technology doesn't seem to be on my side today and the links are refusing to change to black!

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