Thursday, 20 November 2014


Having spent a lot of my time in pointe shoes, I've learnt to appreciate the sheer joy of comfortable shoes as my poor feet have been through a lot over my lifetime. Before I decided to go freelance, I worked in retail on the shop floor as an Assistant Manager - this meant that I was on my feet all day hefting heavy furniture (I worked in an Interiors focused store) so comfortable shoes were a must. 

It's now come to a time where i've had to put away the pointe shoes (injury) and I no longer have to be on my feet all day (the perks of working freelance) and my feet and legs (and back - it's all connected!) are finally getting a well deserved break... if you don't count being stuffed into trainers and be made to work out on a regular basis, or hanging by the ankles and feet off of the silks of course.

Now, I've not had any luck with boots in the last couple of years - here's a quick history for you:

- Last year I bought a pair of boots from Asos, they broke two months later and I had to send them back. 

- I then bought a pair of boots from Kurt Gieger (love that shop), they were super comfortable in the store but it turns out I couldn't last a minute in them let alone a day...I tried and tried to break them in but the balls of my feet weren't having it and they weren't even high *sob*.

- The next pair I bought were from Lipsy - I still have these and still wear them BUT they had a wrap around buckle attached to a gold bit on the inside part of the shoe. Now despite being a dancer, when it comes to normal simple walking I can't seem to do it as gracefully so as I walked the gold bits would get caught on each other and bend back and eventually one of them snapped and as the shoes had a cut out section this very sharp broken gold bit would then cut the inside ankle of my other foot...I hope this is all making sense. Now I could just get rid of the gold bit but then i'd have a strap flapping about and it would be tres annoying.

So finally, I went to Office in a huff and decided that if I stop buying boots in the sale, then maybe, just maybe I may have some luck. Now I don't want to go jinxing anything but these babies are a DREAM. Just look at them. They may look high, they did make my bank account cry hysterically...but bank accounts get over it...eventually... and they were oh so worth it. These are now my everyday go to boots, they're so comfortable I can wear them all day and not feel like i've been wearing heeled boots all day. They're real leather, they're warm but have enough space to be able to wear a thicker sock comfortably and I just LOVE the gold detailing, adds a little bit of somethin' somethin' y'know?

They look great paired with any outfit - you can rock them out with jeans and a leather jacket (as I frequently do) or you can team them up with a dress or playsuit and have the perfect day to night outfit!

These retail at £85 and you can buy them in store or on the Office website here.

Natalie x


  1. I always wanted to do ballet dancing I think it is simply beautiful . xox

    1. It's a very beautiful (but painful) art! I really miss it! xx