Monday, 1 December 2014


Coconut oil is well known in the beauty industry as a multi purpose product thats great for skin, hair, nails, teeth you name it. If i'm honest, I never got into the coconut oil hype - I had mainly tried coconut oil based hair products and they were just far too heavy for my hair and made it lank and greasy, but i've come to realise my mistake - I wasn't using PURE coconut oil. I was using products where coconut oil was far down the ingredients list and didn't really have any of the benefits written on the bottle (for me anyway). 

My hair is in great condition, however the colder weather was making the ends start to feel a little dry and it was over due a hair treatment. Having run out of all my hair treatments about a month ago, it really was in need of a bit of TLC but I didn't want to spend £40 + on a hair treatment that had excellent results in the short term but not so much the long term. I was having a mooch through Sainsbury's and came across extra virgin raw coconut oil and picked up this pot for £6. Now for cooking purposes, i'm not going to spend £6 on a pot of coconut oil - sorry. But for beauty purposes, where it can be used as a multi purpose beauty treatment with excellent benefits, and by excellent benefits I mean the same benefits you'd get from a stupidly expensive beauty cream or hair treatment, I think £6 is a bargain. As the coconut oil is solid at room temp, the pot will last me ages as a little goes a long way.

I've been using it on my skin and hair and have noticed a massive difference in both, my skin is soft and glowing, pores are minimised and make up goes on beautifully and as for my hair it feels nourished and bouncy, with not a hint of grease (I used it as a pre wash treatment) so having been inspired by the wonders of pure coconut oil - here are just a few of the benefits and uses of coconut oil:

- Overnight cream/ face mask - coconut oil minimises pores, detoxes the skin therefore minimising fine lines and wrinkles and moisturises. 

- Hair treatment - use it as a hair mask or a small amount after washing to seal in moisture and tame frizz. 

- Scalp treatment - pre hair washing, massage coconut oil into scalp to soothe an irritated scalp or to promote new hair growth. 

- Make up remover - coconut oil will dissolve even the toughest of make up, this includes waterproof mascara. 

- Teeth whitener - oil pulling has recently become a thing, now I can't stand the feel of oil in my mouth but if you can bare it, coconut oil is a great gentle way of whitening your teeth. Swirl some coconut oil round your mouth for 20 minutes every day and not only will your teeth be whiter but it'll also kill all the nasties - meaning fresher breath.

- Moisturiser - use it as body moisturiser after you get out of the bath or shower, it sinks in quickly leaving skin soft and smooth, plus you get the added bonus of smelling like a coconut!

I could go on and on about my new found love for coconut oil but this post would then turn into somewhat of an essay.

Have you tried using pure coconut oil for beauty benefits?

Natalie x


  1. Very informative. I have been using coconut oil for my hair and as a makeup remover but didn’t know about its so many uses. Following my chemical skin peel treatment, I will use it to moisturise my skin.

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