Saturday, 3 January 2015


Firstly, apologies for being a bit M.I.A over the festive period, it was a time where I wanted to switch off from the internet for a while and focus on my family and friends. Now that the festive period is over i'm back and promise posting will become a bit more regular again! My blog will be going through some changes as well in the next couple of keep an eye out for that. 

I thought i'd start off this year with a trip to one of my favourite places just outside London, near the M25. It's somewhere i've been driving to for years, it's approximately a 20-30 minute drive from where I live in London yet it has beautiful rolling hills and winding country lanes that make you feel like you're hours away from civilisation. Welcome to Shoreham and Eynsford. 

I drove out there yesterday with two of my close friends, it was a beautiful sunny day, the air was crisp and we fancied a pub lunch and nice long walk. (Plus it was a good excuse to give my little Fiat 500 a good run, London can take its toll on a car ya know). Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I took them on my phone - i've also included some pictures from previous trips as I didn't take that many yesterday. 

(I seem to have misplaced my eyes in these photos, if anyone happens to find them please return them to me asap) 

We decided to stop off in Eynsford, a quaint little village with a river, bison in its fields and cosy tea rooms. I gave the girls a little tour and we stopped off at The Plough for a pub food pictures for you i'm afraid, I was totally marvin' and forgot to take some but I can assure you the food there is fantastic. 

After I drove us to Shoreham Woods and we went for a little stroll, stupidly none of us had wellies (my mother stole mine and then lost them) so we were desperately trying not to stack it in the mud, but it was still a pleasant walk. Plus I had to eye up the trees and see which ones had silk rigging potential ;) (aerialists will understand this problem, we're always looking at things we can potentially hang off of). 

Overall it was a lovely day and if i'm honest, I didn't want to come back to London. Do you guys like going on country drives, if so are there any places I should check out? 

Natalie x 

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