Hi, I'm Natalie. I'm 24, from London and a lover of all things beauty and lifestyle (especially pretty interiors and fitness) related. I have a seriously unhealthy obsession with cake, chips and cats...one day I'm going to be a crazy cat lady. The last bit was a joke, honest. 

As this is an 'about me' page and I tend to be pretty awful at describing myself, i've decided to enlighten you 25 things about me below. 

1) I started training in Silk Aerial in March 2014 and absolutely LOVE IT. 

2) I like to think i'm good at the above, when actually, i'm pretty sure I look like Bambi on silks. 

3) I spent a lot of my life training in ballet, but injury means I can no longer dance as much as I used to. Although I can (attempt) to translate a lot of that training into Silks. 

4) Although I was born in London, I come from a Polish background and couldn't speak English properly until the age of 4! My parents insisted that I learn to speak Polish first.

5) I'm a midget at 5'4" and still have to wear kids jeans. 

6) I don't like chocolate...sorry not sorry...But I like chocolate cake and hot chocolate. 

7) I could live off cake. No seriously, give me cake and i'm like a kid at Christmas. 

8) I can put both legs around my head at the same time and always seem to think it's a great party trick when drunk...it's not. 

9) I recently quit my full time job to go freelance - it's definitely the best decision i've made this year. 

10) One day, I would LOVE to move to LA. 

11) I only have one tattoo, however I am planning for my second one to be in white ink. (Dad if you read this, don't kill me!).

12) I love going on country drives - my perfect day is going for a long country walk and a lovely pub lunch/dinner. 

13) I am absolutely TERRIFIED of spiders.

14) I'm a complete bookworm and could easily spend a whole day reading. 

15) I don't really watch TV or films.

16) I love wildlife photography and even have my own website - www.nataliezakphotography.co.uk (shameless plug there, I know).

17) I finished a degree in Media & Cultural studies and then went on to do a Photography diploma. 

18) I'm not picky with food, but I refuse point blank to eat Liver, Kidney or anything organ related.

19) I have 2 cats (only 25 more to go...) and a tortoise.

20) I really want a Jack Russell and a Bearded Dragon. 

21) I have a pretty hefty camera collection. 

22) My favourite flowers are Peonies. 

23) I have an obsession with face masks and have one for almost every day of the week. 

24) I still sleep with a cuddly toy - a woodlouse from Ikea named Bug. He's so ugly it's hilarious. 

25) I'm ALWAYS cold. Even in 30 degree heat. 

And there you have it, 25 random facts about me! 

Natalie x 

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